Here in your mind you have complete privacy,

there's no difference between what is & what could be.

29 August 1989

I'm moody and temperamental. I make mistake after mistake. I don't forget the little things, and am entirely too caught up in the past. I often forget the bad qualities of my tormentors and magnify the good in my friends. I'm fiercely loyal, to the point where there will be a knife in my back and I'll still hold your hand when you cry, without hating you for it. I miss those that should be forgotten and forget those that should be remembered. I'm shy. I speak loud and take a long time to open up to anyone. I blame it on the boy who took away my compassion. I hate to be reminded that I shouldn't miss a certain ex, and wish I could miss another. I've broken a heart and I'll always regret it. I don't jump on the bandwagon but would jump off a bridge. I miss things like honeysuckles and rollerblading and black asphalt. I'm quick to fight. I hate myself. But I'll love you.

Despite all that crazy above, I really do believe in miracles and happily ever after. I write poetry, and sing songs, and write stories. I love puppies and sunrises, and being happy. I love smiling and movies. I firmly believe that I was born in the wrong time period and am learning the guitar. I dig Starbucks and smiling and writing lyrics to songs I'll never sing. I'm a fan-girl and watch Supernatural. I support free will, and Cold Stone. But most of all? I like meeting new friends. If you want to ring up crazy town, then comment on an entry. And then friend me. :)